My practice and osteopathic approach

It is essential as a “functional” type: cranial, visceral and tissue techniques. This gentle approach helps relieve pain and treat many symptoms such as joint and muscle pain, digestive disorders and symptoms related to stress.

The osteopathy views the body as a whole and is based on several principles:

• Unity in the Body: all structures of the body depend on each other. A blockade affects the whole body and the pain can be expressed far away from the blockade area.

• The structure governs function: a body functions properly when there is no blockade.

• The law of the artery is queen: well irrigated, the cells remain healthy. When the body is properly vascularized, every organ and structure works correctly.

• The principle of self-regulation of the body: the body contains all the strength and necessary healing substances. The osteopath is only used to give an extra “push” from the exterior.

In practice, the body has a great capacity to adapt and continually absorbs and puts up with the various constraints inflicted upon it (kicks, falls, bad posture, poor diet, stress, fatigue and more). When too tired, or when it had to adjust to too many constraints, it
is no longer able to support others. That’s when the pain occurs, even if the triggering factor seems trivial.

It is possible to prevent the onset of these acute pains by going to an osteopath once or twice a year, to address the different stiffness issues and loss of mobility already present.

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